Saturday, June 22, 2013

Me vs. Leonardo da Vinci

This is the final homework assignment for my life drawing class at Seattle Central Community College with the mighty Alexander Chubotin. I would recommend Alex's classes (yes, he and I do have the same first name. This wasn't just a case of me taking art instruction from the voices in my head) to anyone who wants to learn figure drawing, although prospective students should be prepared to leave behind the "everything is wonderful" approach that too many community college art classes fall victim to. Alex was more likely to stand next to your easel and tell you in a stern voice, "This line is wrong. Please remove it immediately." It did me a lot of good to be pushed like that and I feel like my drawing really improved throughout the course. Plus he provided cookies. I haven't posted any of the drawings from class since I don't feel like I produced much that I really consider finished, but I don't think that was really the purpose of the studio time. I did enjoy the homework assignments, which consisted of copying old master drawings, anatomy guides, and photos of classical sculpture. I'm fairly pleased with how my copy of this Leonardo drawing came out, although he appears to have a kind of smirk in my version that isn't there in the original.

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