Monday, November 16, 2009

25th Worldwide Sketch Crawl - November 21st

The 25th worldwide sketch crawl is coming up next weekend. What's a sketch crawl, you ask? It's a loosely organized event where artists, amateur artists, and anyone else who feels like picking up a pencil head out into their respective cities, draw what they see, and then post the results back to the forums at This is going on in cities all over the world and I'm hoping to get at least a few people from New Orleans to come out and represent our city.

The plan is to meet up at 10:30am next Saturday, November 21st, on the steps of the New Orleans Museum of Art and head out into City Park for a day of drawing (or an hour, or fifteen minutes - whatever you're up for). There's a thread on the forums that has a bit more info (click here). Anyone reading this who will be in New Orleans on November 21st is heartily invited to join in.

And no, there are no pictures in this post. Sometimes life has its little disappointments.


  1. You've inspired four of us to do our first Sketch Crawl by posting the info on your blog. We start the same time, 10:30 P.S.T. and intend to go till the last person poops out. It's snowing like mad today but may be gone by Saturday, hopefully. Fingers freeze easily here in the mountains so it'll be inside mostly. Thanks for the info!

  2. That's great Merrilyn, I look forward to seeing your drawings. Hopefully we get that many people to come out in New Orleans.