Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Bad Day For Polar Exploration

This is an ink drawing done from a photo in the New York Times of a ship running into a few problems as it navigates an ice field. I'll concede that the ship in my drawing appears to be making its way through either a body of water or a giant pile of lumpy mashed potatoes, but trust me, it's ice.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Figure Drawing at Gage Academy

I recently took a weekend figure drawing workshop at the Gage Academy with Juliette Aristides. She subscribes to a very rigorous, classical approach in her workshops, which made for a really intense weekend and a kind of art instruction I'm not accustomed to (she was not afraid to stop me and say "no, you're doing it wrong.") Although we did one longer drawing over the course of the two days, I'm actually happiest with these two 20-minute value studies. I would highly recommend her courses for anyone who wants to really push themselves in their drawing.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Triumphant Return

After several months of inactivity - during which time I'm sure all my fans have been crying themselves to sleep every night - I have finally found time to resurrect this blog. All of us here at Revenge of the Pencil, Inc. apologize for the lengthy absence. I moved from New Orleans to Seattle in March and, while I have continued to draw, there have been numerous demands on my time (primarily the really excellent beer they serve here in the Pacific Northwest) that have kept me away from this blog.

And what better way to come back than with Vorosh the Hunter? This was drawn from a Magic Card on loan from my friend's 10 year old son, who pronounced this drawing "pretty good." Astute viewers will notice that I initially spelled Vorosh's name wrong and had to make a correction. It may be a bit unsightly, but what choice did I have? Vorosh the Hunter does not cotton to spelling errors.