Monday, May 31, 2010

Before You Accept a Quick Check

Anyone who lives in New Orleans is likely to be familiar with Michael Hingle, a local attorney whose stern visage peers out from numerous billboards and urges his fellow citizens to call 1-800-USA-JURY "Before You Accept a Quick Check." He is usually tearing up a check (presumably one of the "quick" checks) to drive the point home.

I recently completed an oil painting course at Delgado taught by Walter Johnson, an enthusiastic and eccentric character who turned out to be a fantastic teacher. Our final project was to produce a cubist or surrealist painting of a subject of our choice. This painting gradually became a little less "cubist" over the course of its development, but I'm still pretty happy with how it came out. I wonder what Michael Hingle would think.


  1. It looks awesome! Like the end result and like what you did for the background. Great painting!

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