Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Triumphant Return

After several months of inactivity - during which time I'm sure all my fans have been crying themselves to sleep every night - I have finally found time to resurrect this blog. All of us here at Revenge of the Pencil, Inc. apologize for the lengthy absence. I moved from New Orleans to Seattle in March and, while I have continued to draw, there have been numerous demands on my time (primarily the really excellent beer they serve here in the Pacific Northwest) that have kept me away from this blog.

And what better way to come back than with Vorosh the Hunter? This was drawn from a Magic Card on loan from my friend's 10 year old son, who pronounced this drawing "pretty good." Astute viewers will notice that I initially spelled Vorosh's name wrong and had to make a correction. It may be a bit unsightly, but what choice did I have? Vorosh the Hunter does not cotton to spelling errors.


  1. Damn, Alex, if I had seen your blog I would have been way too intimidated to ask you to come draw with us - & then there would be no Vorosh, so it's a good thing I was ignorant. There are some fantastic drawings here. I think the carnival mask is my favorite, but the Van Dyck old man is fantastic as are a lot of the architectural drawings, & I had no idea you were so good at life drawing or portraits - keep it coming!

  2. This is really tight.