Thursday, February 2, 2017

30 Drawings in 30 Days

The amazing people at the Seattle Artist League ran a daily drawing exercise throughout the month of January. Much to my own surprise, I did stick with it and did all 30. I wasn't always happy with the results, but I did learn something from all of them and I am very grateful to the good people at SAL for putting it all together. Here are a few selections:
Day 1: 15-minute self-portrait
Day 3: Automatic Drawing - Put pen to paper and watch what happens
Day 12: Combine features from different species and invent a new animal
Day 15: Draw the body as a vessel
Day 23: Draw something that completes an existing scene
Day 27: Draw a self portrait with something fabulously distracting on your head
Day 28: Draw a rooster, for New Year

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