Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Howe Gelb

I've been listening to the band Giant Sand a lot lately, especially while I draw, so I felt inclined to do a portrait of their singer/songwriter/mastermind/mad genius Howe Gelb. It seems worth noting that I was listening to "Slush" - the wonderful album that he recorded with Lisa Germano under the name OP8 - while I was working on this. I've also found the Giant Sand albums Chore of Enchantment" and "Provisions" to be an excellent soundtrack to life in New Orleans.


  1. just coming here from Urban Sketchers, congrats on starting the blog Alex, can't wait to see more of beautiful New Orleans here!

  2. 20 plus year Howe fan here, that's awesome work... Captures him perfectly

  3. Better late than never! You've got 25 years and abut 30+ albums to catch up with. Check out "Ramp," "Heartland," "Swerve," "Long Stem Rant," "The Love Songs," etc. etc.