Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's a heron. No, wait... an egret? Well, it's a bird anyway.

Pencil drawing from a photo that I took in Audubon park a couple of months ago. These birds are all over in Louisiana, but I can't remember if they're egrets or herons. Or cranes? Whatever they are, they're fun to watch and even more fun to draw.

An interesting (or interesting to me, anyway) side note here - I had a hell of a time making a digital image of this. I started out with the scanner, but the light from the scanner reflected off the pencil in a really weird way and totally destroyed any subtle effect I managed to pull off. Then I got out the digital camera and tried it a million different ways with different lights, angles, and camera settings. In the end I think this photo came out OK, but it still seems a little dark. Maybe I should just stick to ink and charcoal drawings since they are easier to run through the scanner.